eFile System – Best Way To File Your State Taxes

Are you confused upon filing your state taxes- Do you need help on this- Follow some of the basic steps to understand the way to file your state tax.

Nowadays, you can file your state tax using e-file system where all types of state or federal taxes can be filed online or electronically. This is a combined effort by state and IRS tax administration agencies to serve masses. You may take services of a professional to file your taxes online or do it yourself directly from the comfort of your home.

Following states can effectively participate in e-file system of filing state or federal taxes:

– Alabama
– Arkansas
– Arizona
– Connecticut
– Colorado
– District of Columbia
– Delaware
– Hawaii
– Georgia
– Illinois
– Idaho
– Iowa
– Indiana
– Wisconsin
– Kentucky
– Kansas
– Maryland
– Louisiana
– Mississippi
– Michigan
– Montana
– Missouri
– New Jersey
– Nebraska
– New York
– New Mexico
– North Dakota
– North Carolina
– Oklahoma
– Ohio
– Pennsylvania
– Oregon
– South Carolina
– Rhode Island
– Vermont
– Utah
– West Virginia
– Virginia

The facility of e-file is also provided to taxpayers having a gross income of less than or equal to $52,000.

The best part of e-file is that you can file your state as well as federal taxes returns on this electronic filing at once. E-file uses a software program that places the data to be transmitted in two separate packets for State returns and Federal returns but uses a single envelope while transmitting it to IRS. IRS receives this envelope and forwards the rest to the concerned department for processing an electronic return.

Benefits of using electronic filing system for state taxes are:

– Faster processing
– Proof of filing can be retained easily
– Faster receipt of refund
– Convenience
– More accurate

There are exactly two options for people who want to file their state taxes directly. Either you can hire some tax professional who can assist you in completing tax return forms or you may take help of a software or manually fill up your forms.

Only problem with filing your details in these forms by yourself is that you may not have adequate knowledge of the credits and possible deductions as per your state law using which you can get benefited. Different states have distinct laws or tax rates. Only a tax professional can tell you about these tax rates and legal issues. You may take services of these tax professionals who can help you find those specific deductions or credits. They have knowledge about the specific laws that govern your state. You can maximize your tax returns by paying a small fee of around $100 to $150 to these professionals.

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