4 Online Business Trends to Watch Out For in 2015

Not sure what should be on your priority list for your business in 2015? Here are a few trends I think will be useful for your business, and for when preparing your next corporate video brief.

Brands are humanizing

More and more businesses are responding to what customers want – a personal, caring, and relatable experience. With so many new methods of engaging with customers such as corporate video production and social media marketing, it is now easier than ever before for businesses to build relationships with customers. By using this to their advantage, many businesses have helped increase sales by inspiring more confidence in their customer base. Branding has evolved beyond informing your target audience; it is now much more about engagement and inspiring.

The future is video

Video has been a big thing in the consumer world for some time now, however, many businesses simply are not aware of the huge value for money which video marketing provides. With Cisco reporting a 54% increase in corporate video usage in 2014 from 2013, 2015 is set to increase by 56% further still from 2014. Websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter now make it easier than ever to reach a huge audience in seconds at very little cost. This endless flexibility and power which corporate video provides is just one of the many reasons your business simply can’t afford to miss out. If you haven’t considered a video for your business before, then now is the time to start researching!

Mobile friendly websites

With recent and regular ongoing changes to search engine algorithms and a huge increase in mobile device share, it is more important than ever to make sure your company website is mobile device friendly, or ‘responsive’. With Google now beginning to favour sites which are ‘mobile friendly’ by placing a ‘mobile-friendly label alongside search results when browsing from a mobile device, you can now get higher up the search rankings as well as making your website more accessible to mobile browsing customers.

Improved social media integration

Social media is no new thing to business, with many businesses strongly using the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to their advantage already. Many businesses, however, are now looking to improve social media integration with their marketing campaigns. Adding social sharing buttons across your published content can dramatically increase its potential reach furthermore, and research cited by the CMO council states that social sharing links in emails increases email click through rate by 150%.

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